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Ikebana, Japanese flower arranging, is more than just arranging flowers.  It is a philosophy and lifestyle that helps you find inner peace by developing creative skills and techniques to make beautiful living art. 
By combining multiple in-depth teaching techniques, we guide people worldwide through their ikebana journey with online and in-person classes and workshops. 

Never Ending Ikebana Arrangement
Do Ikebana

Do Ikebana

Everybody is experiencing ikebana differently.  We have adapted services for each.  Are you looking for structured classes for beginners or teachers, or you just want to do some exploring, click below to check out how we can help you. 

Kouzi Hanami Hanabi Ikebana Installation

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We love to do 
contemporary or Japan-related projects.  Art fairs, decorations for shop windows, restaurants, events, are just some of our previous projects. Click below to contact us about your project or just to see if we can help you. 

Learn more about Ikebana

Learn more about Ikebana

If you are exploring and want to know a bit more about ikebana, its history, the schools, the teachings, click below. 

We have written up a short summary and a list of resources for you to explore. 



Ilse Beunen
Ikebana Artist & Teacher

Ilse learned ikebana in Japan and obtained her Sogetsu teaching license in 1997.  Since the year 2000, she is running her ikebana atelier in Antwerp, Belgium. Her passions are to spread the beautiful art of ikebana through teaching, workshops, and doing projects worldwide.  She has also published two ikebana books. 


Ben Huybrechts
Photography, Video & Marketing

Ben is an ikebana photographer.  For a couple of years, Ilse and Ben work together to immortalize the impermanent art of Ikebana.  In his function, he is combining three of his passions, teaching, photography, and social media.

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I always look forward to receiving the newsletter from Ilse. It contains very useful information, ideas, and tips on Ikebana arrangements. They could be traditional Ikebana arrangements or out-of-the-box arrangements which could suit your needs. I live in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Being a new sogetsu student, the information in the newsletter has improved the way I arrange my flowers and taught me to respect what nature provides us.

Zafriah Ahmad

Sogetsu Ikebana Student


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News & Events

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Documentary is on Video Platform

Exclusive Books 

Working in Irregular Containers

7 ½ Weeks with Ilse Beunen is an ikebana documentary produced by the Ikebana Iwaya Fund. You will follow Ilse from inspiration to installation, thoroughly enjoying an inside look into the life of a professional ikebanist.

The 45-minute documentary is now available on our subscription based video platform. 

We could lay our hands on 20 high-quality picture books with works by Kosoku Sumura. The book published in 1989 shows 119 arrangements and sculptures by his hand. It gives an exclusive insight into the history of the Sogetsu ikebana style.

Although it is not so well-known abroad, Kosoku Sumura devoted his life to supporting Sogetsu. He taught ikebana to many people as an instructor at the head office of the Sogetsu School from the early days of its founding.

We published a new module on fixation techniques in irregular containers on our subscription-based video channel.   

  • Arranging in Tsubo Vases

  • How to fixate heavy branches on a Kenzan? 

  • Arrangements in large pots

  • Vertical Fixation in Irregular Containers

  • Cross Fixation in Irregular Containers