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Slow Down, Be Creative, Embrace Nature

Ikebana connects you to nature and your inner self while your creativity breathes new life into flowers and branches.

Never Ending Ikebana Arrangement

Enjoy Ikebana | Immerse yourself in the art of Ikebana, curated to your unique preferences. From free-to-explore social media and newsletters to in-depth books, video tutorials, online and in-person classes, and workshops, we provide a wide range of services. 


Whether you're a novice seeking structure, a teacher eager to broaden your horizon, or a curious mind, we've got you covered. Engage as per your comfort, and embark on a journey of creativity with us.


Start or Continue your Ikebana Journey

Demonstrations, Workshops & Projects | Explore the world of Ikebana through Ilse's projects. With a passion for spreading Ikebana across the globe, Ilse's portfolio spans demonstrations, installations, and unique decorations for hotels and restaurants.


Take a look at some of her recent projects below. Each project often combines with workshops abroad, offering a comprehensive Ikebana experience.

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Embark on a creative journey this holiday season with our unique workshop.  Ilse will get her inspiration from Western Christmas decorations and the elegance of Japanese New Year decorations.  


Discover how to use traditional Western and Japanese elements to create decorations and arrangements with unique and creative beauty. 

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Wazakura Partnership 

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Wazakura, a reputable brand that embodies the essence of Japanese craftsmanship on a global platform.

Wazakura is dedicated to the distribution of superior quality Bonsai and Ikebana tools. 

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Check out the Wazakura Tools here.

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