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Sculpted into Space: Cohim School Ikebana Workshop - Juni 2023

During the final days of the five-day Sogetsu Ikebana workshop at Cohim School in Beijing, participants paired up to engage in a unique creative task - designing structures using wooden slats. The artistic approach of Sofu Teshigahara, the founder of the Sogetsu School, influenced these compositions.

Workshops in China
Workshops in China

The unification of these individually crafted structures led to the creation of an intriguing sculpture, highlighting the spirit of teamwork and creativity in ikebana. 

Demonstration in Colorado

Joining Heaven and Earth in Rocky Mountain Spring – Boulder, Colorado, US – April, 2023

An afternoon of improvisation with with unique ensemble: Janine Ibbotson  - Enso Contemplative Brush, James Wagner -  Ryuteki  Dragon Flute, Wendell Beavers - Space made Visible, Mark Miller - Shakuhachi, Gary Allen - Haiku Poetry

The opening event was followed by workshops in Boulder and Colorado Springs.  All events were organized by the Kalapa Ikebana Society. 

Workshops and Demonstration in Colorado Spring
Workshop in Boulder, Colorado
Workshop in Boulder, Colorado
Demonstration in New York



In the final months of 2022, Ilse embarked on a U.S. tour, venturing through four prominent cities - New York, Albany, Orlando, and Richmond. In New York, she contributed to the Sogetsu Branch New York's 60th-anniversary exhibition. 
Through her demonstrations, From Chaos to Stillness, she strived to depict how ikebana can manifest tranquility amidst the tumult. 

In each city, she incorporated unique, native materials into her work, symbolizing the various climates and vibrant plant life. 

Complementing these demonstrations were workshops at every stop, each with distinct themes. 

Kouzi Ikebana Installation


MAY 2021

Hanabi & Hanami is the title of this window decoration I did for the restaurant of award-winning sushi chef Junko Kawada. It was a celebration of the reopening after renovation works. 

Many more window decorations followed after this first one. 


APRIL 2019

Ilse made this installation in the city of Meran, Italy, and she worked with vines, Wisteria, the Merano rose, pine, broom, magnolia, euonymus, and ilex, all plants that are in abundance in Merano. 

The steel plates symbolize the mountains, and the vines the flow between them. The installation is called "connection" and is all about connecting people with nature and connecting different cultures and languages.


In Merano, German and Italian cultures are intertwined and live next to each other.

Merano Italy - Ikebana Installation
Ikebana Demonstration


Ilse gave an ikebana demonstration for the 60th anniversary of the Chicago Ikebana International Chapter.  The demonstration took place in the beautiful Botanical Garden in Chicago, which also has an amazing Japanese garden.  

The week before the demonstration, there was a massive storm, and huge pine tree branches broke off.  Ilse could use these branches, which were massive.  Although she never made an installation that large, she grabbed the opportunity and made this large installation during the demonstration.

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