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In Person Sogetsu Classes

Basic Upright Style Moribana

Go at your own pace, book your classes

The Sogetsu School has a predefined curriculum in which you learn aesthetics and techniques by making the arrangements set by the curriculum.

Each lesson takes about 90 minutes, and you can book your slots on this website on most Wednesdays and some Sunday mornings.  If slots are available, you can book several classes on one day.  

After each module, you can get a certificate from the school's headquarters in Japan, but this is not obligatory.   After completing the four modules, you can study further and earn a teacher's degree.  

How much does it cost?  You can pay for each class separately, but a turn card is more economical.  A turn card for ten lessons is valid for one year and gives a 30% discount. A lesson then costs less than 20 euros.  A card for five lessons is valid for six months and gives a 15% discount.  

What do I need? A tall vase, a shallow vase, and a kenzan.  These can be bought at our studio.  If you are starting or if it is not possible to bring your vases, you can use the studio's containers and kenzans.

Traditional Ikebana Arrangement