In Person Sogetsu Classes

The Sogetsu classes are split into two parts.  One for the advanced students, and one for the beginners.  

The Sogetsu School has a predefined curriculum with grades and degrees.  You learn aesthetics and techniques by making the arrangements set by the curriculum.   

The curriculum has 5 modules.  Modules 1-4 (basics) each have 20 lessons, and Module 5 (for teaching certification) has 30 lessons.    It takes about 2,5 years to go through the curriculum.  After each basics module, you get a certificate from the headquarters of the school.   After going through all the basics lessons, you can study further and get a teacher’s diploma so you can start teaching other students.

There is a possibility to follow the classes as a free student without doing exams or applying for the certificates. 

Basic Upright Style Moribana


You can start whenever you want.  In order to start you buy a package with 5 lessons.  After that, you can book one of the available slots in our calendar.  

During the first five lessons, you can use vases, scissors, and kenzans of the atelier.   The purpose is that you take home the green material and that you make the arrangement again at home.  

You will have access to instructional videos to help you.  The green material will be available but is not included in the price.  (estimated price depending on the day price of flowers and branches - 8 to 10 euro/lesson).  

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Traditional Ikebana Arrangement