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In Person Sogetsu Classes

Basic Upright Style Moribana

Embark on Your Ikebana Journey: Enroll Anytime, Learn at Your Pace

The Sogetsu School offers a well-defined curriculum where you can learn the intricacies of Ikebana — aesthetics, techniques, and unique arrangements.


The curriculum consists of five modules, with the first four focusing on the basics through 20 lessons each and the final module entailing 30 lessons for teaching certification; this program typically takes about 2.5 years to complete. Upon completing each module, you can receive an official certificate from the Sogetsu School, paving your path toward teaching.

Each 90-minute lesson, held on most Wednesdays and some weekend mornings, can be booked through our website at your convenience. Should you wish to expedite your learning, multiple classes can be taken in a single day, provided slots are available.

We offer flexible pricing options. Purchase a 10-lesson card for a 30% discount or a 5-lesson card for a 15% discount.  Check out our pricing plans here. 

As for materials, you only need a tall vase, a shallow vase, and a kenzan. These items can be conveniently purchased at our studio. If you're starting or can't bring your vases, feel free to use the studio's containers and kenzans. 

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Traditional Ikebana Arrangement


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