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Discover the Art of Large Ikebana Installations

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Join us for an exciting 5-day workshop beyond traditional ikebana, delving into the world of large-scale installations.


Perfect for those looking to expand their ikebana skills and showcase their work in a grand format.

Preparation: After a visit to the Sint-Pieters Church near Brussels, the prestigious venue for your final work, the first two days you prepare your installation in our atelier in Antwerp. 


Hands-On Installation Building: The final three days are dedicated to constructing your installation in the church.

What This Workshop Offers:

Expert Planning and Execution: Learn the intricacies of planning and creating large ikebana installations. Transform your artistic vision into reality with expert guidance.


Practical Skills Enhancement: Dive into hands-on topics including:

  • Advanced fixation techniques for large arrangements

  • Mastery of power tools for artistic creation

  • Detailed planning and sketching for impactful installations

  • Efficient execution strategies

  • Budgeting time and resources effectively




I signed up with a friend for a 5-day workshop in Belgium in August 2023 to learn "The Art of Large-scale Ikebana Installations."  This was really my first taste of creating large installations, and the first time for an in-person workshop with Ilse Beunen.  I had participated in several of her Zoom workshops, especially during the pandemic, and continue to sign up for some of her Zoom classes.

Ilse was meticulous in following the necessary steps for working on large installations, such as sketching one's ideas, discussing with fellow participants on the concepts that were possible in the church where these creations were to be located, working in teams, and listing material requirements needed (flowers, branches, baskets, wooden frames, metal structures, paints, etc.).

We ended up with 3 teams working on 3 very different, but super creative and amazing installations. All were inspired by varied aspects of the church and what was found on site. Ilse guided us expertly through the steps of building the structures for fashioning our ikebana art, and she gave us excellent advice.  She also made sure that the teams would come together during the process to learn about each other's work and ideas.
In all 3 installations, Ilse suggested creative ways to solve challenges, such as making water holders for flowers and greenery, assembling various wooden frames/shapes, attaching branches to certain structures, etc.

It was definitely an extremely worthwhile workshop for me, and I learned so much from Ilse and the other participants.
Without a doubt, Ilse is an excellent teacher!
We worked long hours to finish the installations, but I never noticed the time.
On the "non-ikebana" side, Ben and Ilse made sure that we took breaks and meals, and they figured out the logistics of moving the participants, equipment and materials from Antwerp to Jette (location of our art works.)

I would highly recommend Ilse's classes and workshops for anyone interested in learning about the art of ikebana, and Japanese culture as well!

Raina Ho

Sogetsu Ikebanist

Your Instructor 


Ilse has been an ikebana teacher for more than 25 years. She fell in love with Ikebana during her 11 years stay in Japan where she mastered the art of Sogetsu Ikebana. She currently holds the KOMON degree. 

She shares her ikebana adventures and creations on her Facebook page with more than 27.000 followers, and in her weekly newsletter with more than 17.000 readers.

Ilse was awarded the Sogetsu 90th Anniversary Commemorative Overseas Akane Teshigahara Award for her studies and efforts to widen the knowledge of ikebana. She is also the author of two ikebana books, "Exploring Ikebana" and "Inspiring Ikebana"

Iskra Langner, Sogetsu Ikebana, Congo

"I wholeheartedly recommend Ilse's ikebana classes to anyone seeking an immersive and transformative learning experience. Her dedication to the art form, combined with her talent for nurturing and inspiring her students, make her an exceptional teacher and mentor."

Limited Spots for Personalized Attention

With a maximum of 6 participants, this intensive workshop ensures personalized guidance and ample opportunity to explore and master new techniques.


Don't wait too long before booking. 

PRICE: 650 €


Your workshop fee covers

  • Daily lunch and beverages to keep you energized

  • Teaching and exhibition fees

  • A professional photo of your installation, perfect for your portfolio

  • All necessary materials for creating your installation

PRICE: 650 €


Ikebana Celebrating Nature and Community-1-5D4_8666-Enhanced-NR.JPG


What do I need to bring?  You don't have to bring anything.  We have scissors, containers, drills, basically all material necessary. 

Does it matter which school I follow?  It doesn't matter from which ikebana school you are, every style is welcome. 

What is your cancellation policy?  Cancellations 6 weeks before the workshop: complete refund, between 6 weeks and two weeks 50% refund.  Less than two weeks, no refund.


Essential Workshop Information


The workshop will take place in our atelier and in the Sint-Pieterschurch in Jette in the Brussels Region.


After a visit to the Sint-Pieters Church near Brussels, the prestigious venue for your final work, the first two days you will prepare your installation in our atelier in Antwerp.

The following three days you will prepare your installation in the church.  

If you are coming from abroad and want to book a hotel or B&B, we recommend doing this close to our atelier.  We will travel the last three days to the church. 

Address Atelier: Onafhankelijkheidslaan 5, B-2020 Antwerp

Address Church: Sint-Pieters church, Pl. Cardinal Mercier 51, 1090 Jette
Time: Starting at 10:00 AM until 17:00 PM (but often everybody is so excited and we work later)

You do not have the bring anything, we will take care of all the material. But if you prefer your own tools, feel free to bring them.

 The Exhibition: "Echoes of Hope" 

Your work will be on display in the exhibition  "Echoes of Hope" 

Each of us faces unique challenges in life, some of which are deeply personal, while others resonate globally. In these times of difficulty, the enduring beauty of nature and the strength of faith can offer us solace and guidance. They remind us that amidst life's trials, there is always a path forward, grounded in the resilience and harmony of the natural world, and the comforting embrace of our beliefs. 


Set against the backdrop of the renewed Sint Pieterschurch in Jette, the exhibition, Echoes of Hope, symbolizes a rebirth and a new beginning, echoing the resilience and hope that nature and faith can instill in us during these challenging times.

BNI bv

Onafhankelijkheidslaan 5

B-2020 Antwerpen

VAT: BE 0882.822.734

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