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Zoom Classes

We have developed a special teaching system for the zoom classes.  We are using a combination of Step-by-Step explanations, zoom demonstrations, critique sessions, and recordings.  The classes are kept small to give them a personal touch.  

Variation 6 Horizontal Nageire


Not everybody has access to local teachers, therefore we started a Beginners Zoom class for the Sogetsu Curriculum.


The Sogetsu School has a predefined curriculum with grades and degrees. ​The curriculum has five modules. Modules 1-4 (basics) each have 20 lessons, and Module 5 (for teaching certification) has 30 lessons. It takes about 2,5 years to go through the curriculum.  You learn aesthetics and techniques by mastering the arrangements set by the curriculum.


Each class takes about 90 minutes.  The classes are bought in sets of 10 and cost 25 Euro/class.  ​

We are actively looking for people that want to start.  Click here and sign up for the information session. 

Traditional Ikebana Arrangement


It doesn't matter if you are a beginner who wants to catch up, or a teacher that needs some brushing up, private classes allow you to go fast. 

The sessions are planned together.  From the moment the content is clear, we send you an invitation to pay.  The price is  60 Euro/hour.  

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in private classes or the Online Sogetsu Beginners Class

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