Inspiring Ikebana

Inspiring Ikebana

Inspiring Ikebana is the sequel to Exploring Ikebana, the first book by world famous Ikebana artist Ilse Beunen. 


Throughout her impressive career she has been influenced and inspired by many different things and, as all artists do, she is still continually looking for inspiration to create fresh and innovative arrangements.


Having written a comprehensive introduction to the ancient Japanese art of Ikebana, this book reveals several endless sources of inspiration for Ikebanists: nature, the seasons, festivals and celebrations, vases and containers, artificial and dry materials, art and emotions.

More than 40 stunning ikebana creations, both in traditional and modern styles, are lavishly
illustrated with detailed step by step photographs of the creative process, making it easy to follow and achieve a great result.


    Author: Ilse Beunen
    Photography: Ben Huybrechts
    Pages: 128
    Published: 2020
    ISBN 978-90-5856-653-9
    Language: English



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