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Why would you do a course on Ikebana Photography? You spend hours making an arrangement, and afterward, it withers away. Only the pictures remain. It is the only thing that remains of your arrangement. So it is worthwhile to have a good picture of your work, to show it in all its glory.


Ikebana photography is not about expensive equipment or cameras. Photography is about writing with light. It is important to understand how to modify light and composition. This course is hands-on; we focus on backgrounds, where to place your arrangement and camera, and how to modify light and shadows. 

10 Years of ikebana photography experience bundled in a 60-minute course. 


  • Hands-on Explanation about the basics for photography of ikebana arrangements
    • Backgrounds
    • Light and how to modify it
    • Where to position the camera?
    • Cameras
    • Composition  


For this one-time fee, you can watch the video as often as you want, and you have lifetime access.    We want to highlight that the photography video is a part of Ilse's extensive video channel. If you are a member of the video channel no need to buy it here.

Ikebana Photography | The Basics

29,00 €Price
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