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Just like painters create immortal pieces with their brushes, Ikebana artists use nature’s palette to express themselves. Ikebana inspired by Emotions wants to demonstrate the eloquence of ikebana and its power to capture and transfer emotions. Ikebana is sometimes accused of being hermetic; difficult to understand or appreciate for outsiders. It is claimed that it is an art which merely involves applying strict, imposed rules and that a lack of spontaneity and frivolity makes it a style of flower arranging that is difficult to enjoy. This beautiful new book demonstrates the opposite. Eight carefully selected black and white photos of strong, universal emotions are the source of inspiration for this publication. Many international artists interpret these visuals and translate them into designs that stir the senses and touch the heart. Ikebana inspired by Emotions shows how ike- bana arrangements can pull at the heartstrings and evoke emotions that are recognizable for everyone. 

Ikebana inspired by Emotions

59,90 €Price

    Author    Misc.
    Photographer   Misc.
    Format    29 x 24 cm
    Pages    208
    Language English
    ISBN    9789058565822


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