Floral Art Structures 2 - Muriel le Couls, Gil Boyard

Floral Art Structures 2 - Muriel le Couls, Gil Boyard

After their successful firstling, Muriel Le Couls and Gil Boyard, both honoured 'Meilleur Ouvrier de France', join creative forces for Floral Art Structures 2. In this new volume, the designers focus on three categories of floral works. Muriel and Gil create original and imaginative holders for wedding bouquets, reusable base structures for use in hotel and business contexts – designed for flower and plant subscriptions – and original containers for the decoration of banquets and large-scale events; services in which both Gil and Muriel have earned their stripes. This brand new book is packed with clever, multi-purpose and reusable concepts and designs, made to measure but with plenty of possibilities to be reused, according to the season or wishes of the client. Floral Art Structures 2 will provide friendly guidance to both the professional sector and the advanced hobbyist for the more commercial floral designs.


    Author    Muriel le Couls, Gil Boyard
    Photographer   Pierre-Yves Duval
    Format  23x23  cm
    Pages 120
    Language English, French
    ISBN    978-90-5856-306-4


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