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The word Ikebana rings a bell for most, but not many people can define or grasp its essence. Exploring Ikebana wants to change this. This book is a comprehensive introduction into the art and wants to unveil some of the secrecy and philosophical ideas projected into this ancient Japanese style of flower design. Exploring Ikebana is a no-nonsense but respectful approach to the art, that will demonstrate that Ikebana arrangements are achievable for all. 

After an introductory chapter on shools, styles, utensils, techniques and other basics; this books hands arrangements in traditional and modern styles, made with natural and contemporary materials. Every arrangement is richly illustrated with detailed step-by-step photographs of the creative process, making it easy for even the novice to follow and come to a correct and enjoyable result. And in the end, enjoying the fleeting beauty of flowers to the fullest is what Ikebana is all about.

Exploring Ikebana

24,90 €Price

    Author: Ilse Beunen
    Photography: Ben Huybrechts
    Format 28x21,5 cm
    Pages 112
    Language English
    ISBN 978-90-5856-504-4



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