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Contemporary Ikebana reflects the current status of creative Ikebana and at the same time continues on the path of its successful predecessor Ikebana Today. Special emphasis is put on contemporary and innovative team work: Ikebana teachers and their students demonstrate their creativity in Land Art, large installations and smaller team work. The harmony of forms, lines, colors and rhythm and the symbiosis with nature is the focal point of this traditional Japanese art form. The outside installations are a perfect reflection of the harmonic relationship between art and nature. Ikebana is not only a fantastic and fascinating art form, it also urges us to look at reality in a more contemplative and aesthetic way. The splendid pureness and quiet simplicity of these creations is a source of inspiration, not only for Ikebana artists and florists, but for everyone who is sensitive to refinement and beauty.

Contemporary Ikebana

59,90 €Price

    Author    Misc.
    Photographer   Misc.
    Format    29 x 24 cm
    Pages  208
    Language English
    ISBN    978-90-5856-269-2


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