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Poster ikebana exhibition

Celebrating Nature and Community

Freestyle Ikebana Arrangement

Ikebana is a traditional Japanese art form that involves arranging plants, flowers and branches, in a minimalist and asymmetrical style.  Ikebana gives flowers and plants a second live.  It is not considered a religion, but it is heavily influenced by the spiritual and philosophical beliefs of Zen Buddhism and Shintoism, Japan's main religions.  


The focus on the ephemeral nature of life and the use of natural materials in a state of change or decay is closely related to Zen Buddhism, which values simplicity and the beauty of imperfection.  The practice of ikebana is a way to cultivate mindfulness and inner peace, incorporating elements of meditation and reflection.  

Ikebana Installation ath the Sint-Peters  Church in Jette

This exhibition's concept emphasizes unity and respect for nature and each other, using the beauty of flowers and branches to connect people of different backgrounds and beliefs. The event will provide a platform for visitors to experience the joy and beauty of nature, and the sense of balance it brings, and how it can be shared and enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their background.

The Floralies in Sint-Pieters' church in Jette, Brussels, have a strong tradition of bringing people together.  This exhibition will continue in that tradition, ikebana artists from Australia, Canada, and several European countries will exhibit ikebana works around the theme "Celebrating nature and community."  

Sint Pieterchuch in Jette

The exhibition is an initiative of Musica Cultura Jette and is co-organized by Dirk Vannetelbosch, priest in Jette and flower enthusiast, and Ilse Beunen, an ikebana artist from Antwerp.  As of Aug. 7, the set-up starts, and the exhibition will grow systematically.


St. Peter's Church in Jette
Aug. 25 to 28, from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. each day.

Pl. Cardinal Mercier 51, 1090 Jette


On Thursday, Aug. 24 at 8 p.m., the eve of the exhibition, there will be a floral concert provided by the Royal Philharmonic of Jette.

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