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Everybody is progressing in his or her ikebana journey in a different way and speed.  Therefore we have put together a number of products to help everybody in her or his ikebana journey. 

Book Inspiring Ikebana



Embark on your Ikebana journey with Ilse's beautifully illustrated books. Detailed step-by-step photographs guide you through each phase of the creative process, making it simple for beginners to get started.


The first book, 'Exploring Ikebana', lays the groundwork, while the sequel, 'Inspiring Ikebana', motivates you to personalize each arrangement, enhancing your creative prowess.

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Experience the art of ikebana through Ilse's engaging video channel. On a subscription basis, she offers frequent instructional videos designed to support both novices and seasoned practitioners.


As a student, you can refine your techniques, and as a teacher, you can discover inspiration for your classes from our library of more than 500 videos. 

Dive in and explore our free videos by clicking here. To access the exclusive subscription-based videos, click on any such video and follow the instructions to sign up.

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Our Sogetsu curriculum, led by Ilse, is meticulously designed to guide you in mastering the aesthetics and techniques of Ikebana. We highly recommend this course for those who are ready to take the plunge and have the dedication to delve deeper.  

Classes in our atelier take place on Wednesdays and some weekends and can be started at your convenience. 

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Ilse's online Sogetsu curriculum classes maintain the same predefined structure as our in-person sessions, guiding you to in ikebana aesthetics and techniques through structured arrangements. 

Ilse leverages her extensive online teaching experience to create an enriching blend of step-by-step explanations, live demonstrations on Zoom, critique sessions, and recordings.

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Zoom Classes With a Student
Inspired by nature - Cascade



Our monthly Zoom workshops, designed for Ikebana enthusiasts of all levels and schools, feature a unique two-part structure. The first session is an interactive demonstration, which is recorded and available for review on our teaching platform.

After the demonstration, you have a week to create your arrangement and can post updates on our platform to receive valuable feedback. A week later, we gather again in a commenting session to discuss and appreciate everyone's work. This blend of active learning, practice, and review makes these workshops a richly rewarding experience.

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These classes are tailored specifically for teachers aspiring to move ahead in their Sogetsu Teachers ranking. If you're an active teacher aiming to proceed in your degree or planning to return to teaching, these classes are designed for you. 


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