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Wij hebben in de loop der jaren verschillende getuigenissen en beoordelingen verzameld.  Hier is een selectie gegroepeerd per product.  We nodigen je ook uit om een kijkje te nemen naar onze Google en Facebook Beoordelingen.  

Zoom Workshops

I am very pleased, and satisfied with the workshop "Inspired by nature"! Thank you very much and my highest appreciation of your Ilse-Ben teamwork! Thank you for creating a very inspiring atmosphere, clearly made instructions at the beginning and kind and very encouraging comments for further improvements in the arrangements! It was a unique opportunity for me to see modern Sogetsu arrangements made by the ikebana-people of different nationalities and to analyze your extremely useful comments and suggestions. Thank you once again for your workshop!

Elena Tchoueva-Semerok

Ohara Student

I absolutely love the workshops. It helps me to push the creative envelope and Be Inspired! I love hearing the critique for my pieces but I also learn so much by your critiques of others. My only suggestion is that when you like a piece, I wish you would elaborate a bit, maybe tell us why it works. A few descriptive words, or even coaxing the artist to share something about the process. I could learn so much from that! Thank you Ilse!

Shelly Franklin

For me, a good part of the learning is in watching/listening to you demonstrate and teach, Ilse. I am a new teacher (only a few years), and am trying to learn how to be a better teacher. If you have any ideas (besides observing other teachers in action), I'd love to hear them! Thank you.


Ikebana Teacher


Every week I look forward to receiving the newsletter from Ilse and her team. Always inspiring, knowledgeable and surprising. The more you know about ikebana the more fascinating it is. Try to make an arrangement yourself. It is a hobby that you have to experience. If you are serious about mastering it, guidance is desirable.

Dear Ilse, thank you so much for taking the time every week to write your wonderful newsletter. I get a lot of inspiration from you and I admire your ideas, your talent and that you are happily share your ideas with us. Good luck for all your ventures in the future.

I am always happy to read the newsletter, even though my English is not so good. it is inspiring to do your own thing, offers seasonal info, reports about workshops, events, and ikebana books, and everything is documented with very nice ikebana photos.

Joke Gramser

Dutch Ikebana Society


Edelgard Herwald, Ikebanastudio Ayame


Ingrid Truttmann
Ikebana Teacher


Video Classes

The courses offered are inspirational and educational. I have studied and designed ikebana ‘altar arrangements while a Zen Buddhist monk. To have this online course available to continue my studies, has been beneficial to continuing by creative breath practice.

Annette KAISHIN Lorenzo
Zen Buddhist Monk

California, US

It is now a bit over a year that I follow Ilse's video lesson and the newsletter. I always find something which inspires me even so I am an "oldie" in ikebana!

AnnaMarie Peyer

Hong Kong

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