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Whispering Flowers showcases Ikebana arrangements inspired by the beauty of a single kind of flower. Typical colours, quintessential lines and inherent symbolism dictate the shapes of the arrangements. This approach, with one kind of flower playing leading role, leaves room for interpretation and gives rise to a fantastic diversity of both traditional as well as outstanding contemporary Ikebana pieces.

75 international talents present their most creative designs in this book, adding up to a delightful album and a representative cross-section of today’s buzzing Ikebana scene.
Whispering Flowers will appeal to flower lovers all around the globe and is a colourful addition to our previously released books on Ikebana: Ikebana Today, Contemporary Ikebana and Ikebana through all Seasons.

Whispering Flowers

59,90 €Prijs
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    Author    Misc.
    Photographer   Misc.
    Format    29 x 24 cm
    Pages    208
    Language English
    ISBN    978-905856-480-1


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