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One of the youngest shoots in the long and fruitful tradition of Japanese floral art, Naoki Sasaki succeeds very well in holding out. In a short time, he let himself be noticed, won several prestigious prizes and evolved from a promising name to one of the most respected masters of traditional and contemporary Japanese floral art. While Sasaki’s art is difficult to pinpoint, the rhythm of the seasons is a recurrent source of inspiration. Sasaki considers the individuality of the plant as the basis of his art and not some assumed concept. That explains the exceptional diversity of his compositions, that are sometimes simple and at other times exceedingly delicate. This splendid monograph is the first retrospective work of this young, talented artist and will convince whoever was still in doubt, of Naoki Sasaki’s very special gift.

Naoki Sasaki

39,90 €Prijs

    Author    Naoki Sasaki
    Photographer   misc.
    Format  33x24.5  cm
    Pages 96
    Language English
    ISBN    978-90-5856-264-7


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