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After the successful Ikebana Today (2006) and Contemporary Ikebana (2008), Stichting Kunstboek Publishers complete the Ikebana trilogy with another book on this ancient form of art.
Ikebana through all Seasons wants to go back to the heart of Ikebana and will focus on the diversity of the arrangements throughout the seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter give rise to a great variety of Ikebana expressions. This book will touch and show the essence of Ikebana: its seasonal diversity, the growth process of the plants and the interaction between the arrangement and its natural surroundings.
For the compilation of this prestigious book and the selection of the works, Stichting Kunstboek Publishers appeal to an international team of Ikebana specialists as representing all major Ikebana schools.
We hope that Ikebana through all Seasons will become an invaluable source of inspiration, not only for Ikebana aficionados, but for anyone with a passion for floral beauty.

Ikebana through all Seasons

  • Product Info

    Technische fiche
    Author   Mit Ingelaere-Brandt
    Photographer   misc.
    Format    29x24
    Pagess    208
    Language: English
    ISBN    978-90-5856-367-5


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