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Contemporary Ikebana and its Traditional Background
The Aesthetic and Philosophical Essence of the Japanese Art of Flower Arrangement

by Ayako Graefe


In this book, the author concentrates on the relationship of ikebana with Japanese culture, philosophy, and other forms of Japanese art.  More than 130 photographs of ikebana arrangements and many reproductions of Japanese art illustrate the concepts and the spiritual essence of ikebana.  


Based on her experience as an ikebana teacher and her background as a professional cultural anthropologist who has lived on four continents, Ayoko Graefe brings a closer and more profound understanding and feeling of Japanese culture, art, and philosophy.

The book motivates beginners to start or continue their ikebana journey, and it gives a deeper insight for future work for the more advanced ikebanist.  


Pages: 206
Published: 2017
Publisher: p.machinery Michael Haitel
ISBN: 978 1 544 74186 4

Contemporary Ikebana and its Traditional Background

25,90 €Prijs
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