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Sofu Teshigahara founded the Sogetsu school in 1930, and it grew rapidly, introducing a new and groundbreaking style of ikebana.  Although it is not so well-known abroad, Kosoku Sumura devoted his life to supporting the founder to spread Sogetsu.  He taught ikebana to many people as an instructor at the head office of the Sogetsu School from the early days of its founding. 


We could lay our hands on 20 high-quality picture books with works by Kosoku Sumura.  The book published in 1989 shows 119 arrangements and sculptures by his hand.  It gives an exclusive insight into the history of the Sogetsu ikebana style.  

The books are in pristine condition, and the old-paper-smell adds to the character of this book.    


You can see a flip through video above. 


Number of pages: 127
Number of works shown: 119
Size: 19 cm by 25,5 cm 

Kosoku Sumura - Assembled Works


    Author: Kosoku Sumura
    Pages: 127
    Published: 1989
    Picture BookNumber of works shown: 119
    Size: 19 cm by 25,5 cm 



    We don't accept returns and do not give refunds for books. 


    We ship to almost every country; if your country is not on the list, send us a message, and we will check if can find a solution. 

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