Ikebana Zoom Workshops

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Free style Ikebana Arrangement

OPEN FOR EVERYBODY - The Zoom workshops are open to everybody, absolute beginners, advanced ikebanists, teachers, and every school.  The workshops are freestyle and the main purpose is to inspire and motivate. 


The sharing of your work with 14 other participants works very inspirationally. 

TESTED METHODOLOGY - We have set up a methodology to work in an efficient way.  

You get access to an online platform to see the Zoom sessions' recording, the assignment, and extras about the workshop.  

Freestyle ikebana arrangement
Ikebana Inspired by a Birds Nest

FEEDBACK - The workshops are divided into 3 parts.  In the first Zoom session, I demonstrate and explain the techniques and the assignment. Then you have one week to make your arrangement.  You have access to the online platform, this allows you to review the demonstration, post pictures, and ask for feedback from Ilse and/or the other participants. 

During the second session, everybody shows his arrangement and Ilse gives comments and suggestions for improvement. 

I absolutely love the workshops. It helps me to push the creative envelope and Be Inspired! I love hearing the critique for my pieces but I also learn so much by your critiques of others. My only suggestion is that when you like a piece, I wish you would elaborate a bit, maybe tell us why it works. A few descriptive words, or even coaxing the artist to share something about the process. I could learn so much from that! Thank you Ilse!

Shelly Franklin

Past Workshops

Here you find an example of a past workshops. 

Easter with Eggs


Easter is not directly associated with Japan or ikebana. Still, when studying ikebana, you learn to make arrangements for celebrations, and above all, you realize that ikebana is a way to express yourself.

In Spring 2021 I had participants from all levels, all over the world, and even from different ikebana schools. For some students, Easter is not a part of their culture. But it was fascinating to see how everybody expressed themself and made their own unique Easter ikebana arrangement.

Below is a gallery with some demonstration arrangements I made for this workshop.