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Through detailed step-by-step arrangements, this unique ikebana book guides parents, teachers, grandparents, and others in how to teach ikebana to children. 


Louise Worner draws on her extensive knowledge and experience in education to create fun and creative ikebana activities for children of all ages. For each topic there is a simple arrangement suitable for younger children, as well as more complex arrangement suitable for both older children and adults alike.


The fun and creative arrangements in this book aim to inspire not only a younger generation
of ikebana artists, but also the young at heart.


The format is similar to the previous books in the series, Exploring Ikebana and Inspiring Ikebana.


My First Ikebana


    Author: Louise Worner
    Photography: Ben Huybrechts
    Pages: 112
    Published: October, 2023
    ISBN 9789058567161
    Language: English



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