Masterclass Ikebana

Masterclass Ikebana

Ikebana arrangements are made to capture and communicate nature’s splendor with others. It is an art that has been inspiring people for many centuries and continues to enthuse younger generations. Its mission to find beauty in our surroundings helps to expand our appreciation of beauty is still as relevant today as it was many ages ago.  


For Masterclass Ikebana we could count on the collaboration of the Iemoto of the five most practiced Ikebana schools: Sogetsu, Ohara, Misho, Ikenobo and Ichiyo. Their designs demonstrate a true interpretation of the art and express a profound love and deep knowledge of its traditions. At the same time they safeguard Ikebana from becoming a static art, as they do not allow respect for tradition to stop them from evolving and incorporating new ideas, techniques and materials. Masterclass Ikebana also contains a unique selection of 250 splendid arrangements made by 138 international Ikebana teachers and artists. They keep Ikebana alive and make it fit for any century.


    Author    Misc.
    Photographer   Misc.
    Format  29 x 24  cm
    Pages 256

    Language English
    ISBN    9789058566287


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