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Ikebana Meets Land Art: A Workshop in Creative Expansion


Explore the art of creating beauty and harmony on a grand scale! This workshop is designed for those ready to explore the expansive world of outside land art. Learn to engage with the outdoors and create an installation that resonates with the environment and the audience.


What You Will Experience:
Creative Expansion: Shift from confined spaces to the great outdoors, adapting to a larger canvas and a wider conceptual focus.
Urban Oasis Artmaking: Craft unique ikebana land art in the serene garden of the Sint-Pieterchurch, nestled in the heart of Jette, Brussels. The garden is between the church and the bustling street, offering a canvas where nature and urbanity converge. Your creations will be a part of an exhibition, bridging the gap between historical architecture and contemporary art.
Hands-On Skill Development: Gain practical experience with power tools, including drills and saws, which are essential for big-size projects.
Strategic Planning: Learn the essentials of planning and executing large-scale land art projects, from conception to realization.
Material Mastery: Discover how to utilize available natural materials creatively, embodying the essence of land art.
Audience Engagement: Create artworks that harmonize with their setting and capture the viewer's attention and curiosity.


Your workshop fee covers:

  • Daily lunch and beverages to keep you energized
  • Teaching and exhibition fees
  • A professional photo of your installation, perfect for your portfolio
  • All necessary materials for creating your installation


Join Us: This workshop is more than just an artistic endeavor; it's an opportunity to connect deeply with nature and expand your artistic horizons. Whether you're an experienced Ikebana artist or new to land art, this journey will enrich your perspective and skills.


Limited Spots for Personalized Attention: With a maximum of 10 participants, this intensive workshop ensures personalized guidance and ample opportunity to explore and master new techniques. Secure Your Place Now.


 The Exhibition: "Echoes of Hope" 
“Each of us faces unique challenges in life, some of which are deeply personal, while others resonate globally. In these times of difficulty, the enduring beauty of nature and the strength of faith can offer us solace and guidance. They remind us that amidst life's trials, there is always a path forward, grounded in the resilience and harmony of the natural world, and the comforting embrace of our beliefs. 


Set against the backdrop of the renewed Sint Pieterschurch in Jette, the exhibition, Echoes of Hope, symbolizes a rebirth and a new beginning, echoing the resilience and hope that nature and faith can instill in us during these challenging times. “



  • What do I need to bring?  You don't have to bring anything.  We have scissors, containers, drills, basically all material necessary. 
  • Does it matter which school I follow?  It doesn't matter from which ikebana school you are, every style is welcome. 
  • What is your cancellation policy?  Cancellations 6 weeks before the workshop: complete refund, between 6 weeks and two weeks 50% refund.  Less than two weeks, no refund.



599,00 €Prijs
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