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We'll be following the Sogetsu School's predefined curriculum, which means you'll get to make both basic and freestyle arrangements. With each arrangement, you'll discover new aesthetics and techniques that will help you develop your skills and express your creativity.
Whether you're looking to get a running start in ikebana or simply want to brush up on your techniques, this workshop is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the art of ikebana.


Maximum Number of Participants: 6
Place: - Onafhankelijkheidslaan 5 - Antwerp - Belgium
Time: 9:30 - 17:00 (or a bit later) 
The fee includes

  • a simple lunch and beverages, 
  •  teaching fee
  • materials for the arrangements (you can take the materials home with you)
  • use of containers, scissors, kenzans, or other materials needed to make your arrangements. 
  • a professional picture of some arrangements

What do I need to bring?  You don't have to bring anything.  We have scissors, containers basically all material necessary. 
How can I get to your atelier?  The atelier is conveniently located in the South of Antwerp.  Busses, trams, and trains stop within walking distance.  There are several hotels and B&B's in the neighborhood.  Just let us know if you need any help.  
Cancellation Policy: Cancellations 6 weeks before the workshop: complete refund, between 6 weeks and two weeks 50% refund.  Less than two weeks, no refund.


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