Do Ikebana

Everybody is progressing in his or her ikebana journey in a different way and speed.  Therefore we have put together a number of products to help everybody in her or his ikebana journey. 

Book Inspiring Ikebana


The books by Ilse Beunen are richly illustrated with detailed step-by-step photographs of the creative process.  Even a beginner can follow and come to a correct and enjoyable result.  The first book is about exploring, while the second book focuses on getting inspired and put something of yourself in each arrangement. 

Workshops in the Atelier

Atelier Workshops

Regularly we do workshops around certain themes.  The theme can be about festivities such as Christmas, Easter, topics to be inspired by, or certain techniques such as working with power tools. 


You will learn by doing hands-on.  The workshops are for all levels and ikebana schools.

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In Person Sogetsu Class

The Sogetsu School has a predefined curriculum in which you learn aesthetics and techniques by making the arrangements set by the curriculum.​

After each module, you can get a certificate from the school's headquarters in Japan, but this is not obligatory.   


Ilse's video instructions are clear and above all motivational -- ikebana, I've discovered over the years, is a very personal and intuitive process. Perhaps the best instruction for it is to lead by example and to encourage as much freedom in the medium and in the work as possible. It becomes a truly light and enjoyable exercise, and one which I can then pass on to others.

Amy McVeigh

CEO Inspiring Design

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Zoom Classes

Weekly we publish instructional videos on our subscription-based video channel.  These videos are for beginners and advanced.  Some students want to review the techniques and arrangements; teachers find inspiration for their own classes in the videos.  

You can post your work and Ilse will then comment on your work. 

Not everybody has access to a local teacher, therefore I organize classes online.  These classes or on given dates and times.  You can also book private classes. 

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Zoom Workshops

Just like the workshops in my atelier, we work around certain themes.   The workshops are for all levels and ikebana schools.  

Important is that you will get feedback on your arrangements.  

Ilse is talented and exceptional teacher of Sogetsu school of Ikebana. She is highly recommended

Toi lan Mulligan

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International Teachers' Class

Intensive course for Sogetsu teachers who want to get a higher degree.  These classes are given in small groups of about 6 persons.  Online and at my atelier. 

The focus here is to train as a teacher.  We review the Sogetsu Curriculum but we also pay attention to teaching methods.  These classes are fun and there are always a lot laughs.  

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Ikebana Photography

Good pictures of your ikebana arrangements are the start of success on social media.  Important is to have the basics right and understand the principles.  We have some services for beginners and for ikebanists who want to take it to the next level. 

If you want to have professional pictures of your arrangement, you can order a photoshoot.  

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Workshops Abroad

Ilse loves to give workshops abroad.  The theme of the workshops is chosen together with the organizers.  

In the past, Ilse has given workshops in many countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States of America, India, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, The Netherlands, France, and Italy.   

I'm so happy to come across you via YouTube.  You are the best teacher I ever had. I especially value your compassion in teaching, explanation in all the details, easily understandable.

Hilla Monilaro
Sogetsu Ikebana Student
Ohio - US