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Inspiring Ikebana


Inspiring Ikebana is the sequel to Exploring Ikebana, the first book by ikebana artist Ilse Beunen. 


Throughout her impressive career, she has been influenced and inspired by many different things and, as all artists do, she is still continually looking for inspiration to create fresh and innovative arrangements.


Having written a comprehensive introduction to the ancient Japanese art of ikebana, this book reveals several endless sources of inspiration for ikebanists: nature, the seasons, festivals and celebrations, vases and containers, artificial and dry materials, art, and emotions.

A big fan of Ilse’s demonstrative work, I decided to purchase her books. Being a Third Diploma Certified Ikebana Teacher, and studying for a my Second, I have been eager and insatiable to continue learning, I have found her books to be incredibly informative, illustrative, and provide a step-by-step clear guide. Additionally, Ilse has gone above and beyond to help facilitate the ability to add the UAE as a shipping location; I highly appreciate her efforts and work.  

Samia Jaber 
Ikebana Dubai Chapter

Exploring Ikebana


This book is a comprehensive introduction into the art and wants to unveil some of the secrecy and philosophical ideas projected into this ancient Japanese style of flower design. Exploring Ikebana is a no-nonsense but respectful approach to the art, that will demonstrate that ikebana arrangements are achievable for all. 

After an introductory chapter on shools, styles, utensils, techniques and other basics; this ...

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