Projects are my favorites.   I love to do projects all over the world.  I am very passionate about ikebana and want to spread it across the globe.  Projects vary from demonstrations to making installations.  
Check out the page below to get some idea of what I mean.  If you are having an idea about a project contact me at ilse@ikebana.be



Installation in Merano - April 2019

I made this installation in the city of Meran, Italy.  For the preparation, I visited Merano and visited the beautiful mountainous area.  I went to a place, Saint-Catherina, which is at an altitude of about 2000 meters. From there, I saw a birds-eye view of Merano. I was very impressed.  I could feel the flow between the mountains, where probably many centuries ago water was flowing.

This dynamic and energy I tried to capture in the design. 

I worked with many plants that are in abundance in Merano. I worked with vines, Wisteria, the Merano rose, pine, broom, magnolia, euonymus, and ilex.

Using plants makes things a bit more complicated; usually, we do not work with fresh material outside. One has to take into account the rain, the wind, and the sunshine.

The steel plates symbolize the mountains, and the vines the flow between them. The installation I called "connection" is all about connecting people with nature and connecting different cultures and languages. In Merano, German and Italian cultures are intertwined and live next to each other.

The tourist office made this cool video about the installation.



November 2019

On Sunday, November 3th 2019, I gave an ikebana demonstration for the 60th anniversary of the Chicago Ikebana International Chapter.  The demonstration took place in the beautiful Botanical Garden in Chicago, which also has an amazing Japanese garden.  
You can see the integral video on my Youtube channel; it is a demonstration of 1h40 minutes.  
The week before the demonstration, there was a massive storm, and huge pine tree branches broke off.  I could use these branches, which were massive.  Although I never made an installation that large, I grabbed the opportunity and made this large installation during the demonstration.  You can find it at the end of the Youtube video.